The managerial roles of community college chief academic officers



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Texas Tech University


In higher education administration, there is little information concerning the managerial roles of community college chief academic officers (CAOs). Because of this, many CAOs enter the position not knowing what to expect. Therefore, this study was designed to ascertain what managerial roles CAOs perform based on Mintzberg's (1973) taxonomy of managerial roles. Included in the study are environmental, personal, and situational variables associated to CAOs at community colleges across the country. The random sample is representative of the nation and is stratified by six accreditation regions.

Understanding the managerial roles that are actually performed by CAOs will help community colleges in many ways. First, those who aspire to become CAOs will understand what managerial roles will be required of them and to better aid them in preparation for the position. Second, those who are in the position can use the information to help them be more effective. Third, hiring committees can use the information during the search and interview process for finding a new CAO by asking questions related to managerial roles actually performed.



College administrators, College administrators -- Decision making, Job analysis, Leadership, Community colleges -- Administration, Deans (Education), Strategic planning, Educational leadership, Community colleges -- Management