Environmental Variations in Stoichiometric Predator-Prey Models



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Individual heterogeneity is critical in the evolutionary process, and yet most population models tend to exclude or limit the level of heterogeneity. Stoichiometry-based population models carefully embed natural chemical heterogeneity, which is innate to all life forms, and provide a more in-depth understanding of specific biocomplexity and biodiversity questions. Analyses of these models allow the identification and characterization of mechanisms for species coexistence or extinction. However, many existing stoichiometric-based models ignore explicit consideration of seasonality which represents a pervasive source of environmental variability in natural systems, as many species exhibit seasonal changes in their life-history parameters. Therefore, this dissertation focuses on seasonal variations in stoichiometry-based population models and their implications. These models may reveal biologically mean-ingful features which provide deeper biological insights that are crucial for ecosystem management and protection.



Ecological stoichiometry, predator-prey, seasonality