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Ship Name:Benjamin F. Packard; Sailed: 1883-1939; Type: Wood 3-masted; Built by: Bath, Maine by Goss, Sawyer & Packard; Dimensions: 244.2' x 43.3' x 26.8'; Tonnage: 2130 tons.


Benjamin F. Packard was a well-known down easter on both coasts largely because of the ship’s unusual longevity. Built for the California trade, the Benjamin F. Packard sailed routinely around Cape Horn until 1908. Northwestern Fisheries purchased the ship and Benjamin F. Packard joined the A. J. Fuller, Abner Coburn and many others in that occupation and trade. Later the Benjamin F. Packard had a checkered career as a museum ship, a carnival ship and in several other dubious venues. In 1939, a tug towed the Benjamin F. Packard off Long Island and she was sunk. The Benjamin F. Packard chartered for the salmon pack in Chignik Bay, but whether this was with the Alaska Packers Association or another packer I have yet to determine. Mr. Packard’s home is a restored relic in Bath, Maine. The restored main cabin of the Benjamin F. Packard is part of the Mystic Seaport Museum. Photograph 22a shows Benjamin F. Packard in the twentieth century sailing north to the fishing grounds. The next photograph reveals the shapely sheer of the old down easter.


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