Human dimensions of urban water bodies and associated green spaces



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As urban areas expand to accommodate a growing population, urban planners are tasked with building Urban Green Spaces (UGS) that support both ecological services and public recreation, also considered multi-purpose UGS areas. In Lubbock, Texas, Urban Water Bodies (UWB) have been used for storm water catchment and some have been incorporated into public UGS. The purpose of this study was to evaluate recreation in UGS that include UWB by: 1) observing recreational activities at UGS/UWB, and 2) analyzing stakeholders’ value and perceptions of UWB/UGS. To identify UWB with an associated UGS, data were used from multiple sources. Visual observations of recreational activities were conducted at 24 study sites over a 24-month period, and interviews and written surveys were conducted to gain stakeholder perspectives. Documenting current UWB types provided useful information for planning future UWB/ UGS in a semi-arid environment. Visual observations of study sites aided in discerning human usage of UWB/UGS, and feedback received from UWB/UGS stakeholders provided a user’s perspective of the multi-purpose UWB/UGS. Results of this study can aid direction of future studies on human activity presence in multi-purpose UGS. In addition, knowledge of human UGS preferences can help urban planners while preserving water related ecological services in a multi-purpose UGS/UWB area.



Urban Water Bodies, Green Space, Human Dimensions Amenities, Parks Planning