Exploring the dyad: Novice physical education teachers’ and their mentor’s perspectives of the mentoring process



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The retention of new teachers is a significant issue even among physical education teachers. One way attrition is combatted is the implementation of induction programs that have a strong emphasis on mentoring. The purpose of this qualitative study was to explore novice physical education teachers, and their mentor’s perspectives of the mentoring process. The secondary purpose of this study was to explore the dyad relationship to determine whether meaningful relationships for both individuals occur in the process. The participants in the study consisted of two novice physical education teachers and two mentors currently in an induction and mentoring program. Observations, interviews, documents, and the researcher’s reflexive journal were the means of data collection. Data analysis was completed through the constant comparison and open coding methods. Four overarching themes occurred: concerns of the novice physical education teacher, training and preparation, relationship establishment, and mindset in regards to retention. The novice physical education teachers were grateful for their mentor’s assistance during the induction program. All participants agreed that the relationship was beneficial to everyone involved. This study suggests that when programs are well implemented, novice physical education teachers are more confident in their teaching abilities and will be retained.



Attrition, Novice Physical Education Teacher, Induction Programs, Retention, Mentors