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Texas Tech Law Review


During the past five years, the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure have undergone an overhaul-both stylistically and substantively. The Federal Rules, which "govern the procedure in all civil actions and proceedings in United States district courts," were first changed in 2007 to improve the style and clarity of the former Rules without changing their meaning. The Federal Judicial Conference stated that the goal of the Civil Rules Committee was to "achieve clearer presentation by removing dense block paragraphs and lengthy sentences, replacing them with progressively indented paragraphs with headings [and by] remov[ing] inconsistent, ambiguous, redundant, or archaic words and avoid[ing] the use of redundant 'intensifiers' and cross-references.



Appellate procedure, Kinsley v. Lakeview Regional Medical Center, L.L.C., Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 4, Millan v. USAA General Indemnity Co., Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 8, Pasco v. Knoblauch, Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 9, United States ex rel. Grubbs v. Kanneganti, United States ex rel. Rafizadeh v. Continental Common, Inc., Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 11, Brunig v. Clark, Marlin v. Moody National Bank, FDIC v. Maxxam, Inc., Sanctions, In re Yorkshire, L.L.C., Attorneys' fees and costs, Stover v. Hattiesburg Public School District, Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Abstention


Jason Johns and Richard Howell, Fifth Circuit Civil Procedure Review, 42 Tex. Tech L. Rev. 651 (2009-2010)