Addressing Two Fifth-Grade Students’ Reading and Emotional/Behavioral Issues Within the Same Intervention: A Design-Based Qualitative Study on the Effects of Integrating Self-Instruction Training and Growth Mindset Statements During Reading Intervention Sessions

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Students with emotional behavioral characteristics frequently struggle with their behavior which often interrupts their reading achievement. Interventions have included focusing only on behavior or some only on literacy struggles. The elements required for successful intervention in improving both behavior and reading consists of addressing the student’s specific reading difficulties and their behavior: self-regulation, strengthening executive function skills, and task engagement. This design-based qualitative study implemented a self-instruction training/growth mindset statements (SIT/GMS) intervention with two fifth grade female students experiencing emotional and behavioral characteristics (E/B) and reading difficulties. Both participants took part in one-on-one online tutoring sessions which addressed both reading and E/B elements. At the end of the study, the qualitative data were coded into themes for reading and behavior. Both participants demonstrated increases in their reading comprehension scores, demonstrated improvement with their self-regulation and executive functioning skills, and demonstrated a shift in their mindset stance based on the qualitative data collected.

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emotional and behavioral characteristics, reading difficulties, self-instructional training, growth mindset, self-regulation, executive functions, task engagement, fifth-grade, design-based research