Self-management of COTS component-based systems using wrappers



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Texas Tech University


Based on a survey of self-healing and self-management methods, current approaches address self-management of COTS component-based systems in an ad-hoc way. There is no self-management mechanism that addresses self-management of COTS component-based systems in a systematic way. Hence, self-managed COTS components need to be capable of detecting anomalies in COTS components, reconfiguring COTS components against the anomalies, and repairing the anomalies in COTS components.

This research develops an approach to designing COTS component-based software systems in which each COTS component is self-managed by a wrapper to improve dependability of systems. The wrapper for self-managing a COTS component detects the anomalies of the component; it reconfigures the anomalous component at run-time; and it repairs the anomalous component. In this research, the wrapper architecture is also described to support self-management of COTS components in terms of static and dynamic aspects of software architecture. The wrappers co-operate with each other to reconfigure COTS components, so that they make the system more reliable.

The approach presented in this research is applied to two case studies, a distributed elevator system and a distributed factory automation system in order to validate not only the detection, reconfiguration and repair mechanisms but also the software architecture of the wrapper.



COTS components, Self-management, Wrappers, Reusability