Feminine space: Creating a community, semi-communal housing for single women



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THESIS STATEMENT The gender of both architects and architecture has traditionally been male, forcing females to conform to a masculine view of domesticity. By incorporating feminist principles into architectural form, these traditional ideas of domesticity can be redefined. Through this redefinition, the lines between public and private space begin to blur, creating an inter-dependent community of mothers and a secure environment for women and children. FACILITY STATEMENT The site shall house a complex for single mothers, the main focus being twenty semi-communal apartment units. These units will have shared living and kitchen spaces among two families. The housing complex will also include a community center for conferences, training, support groups, and community meals. A day care center will be provided for both residents and neighborhood children. A small medical clinic, specializing in women's health and pediatrics, will be available to the area residents as well. This complex shall evoke calmness and comfort, while empowering females to better their place in society. CONTEXT STATEMENT The complex will be located off of North University in Lubbock, Texas. The site will include approximately two acres of land between Canyon Lakes Drive, North Akron, Oberlin, and Marshall Streets, across the street from Buddy Holly Recreation Center. This location will serve as a safe haven for single females, as well as provide plenty of play areas for their children.



Apartments -- Design, Feminism and architecture, Lubbock (Tex.)