Cultural shopping center: A cultural shopping center for Kuala Lampur, Malaysia


To built the fiiture environment, we can never forget the past, that is what makes life so interesting, developing and meaningfial. Appreciating the heritage and value of culture by making it as a source of inspiration, which to be absorbed in contemporary environment is what the project all about. The thesis of the project is Critical Regionalism Architecture. It is about to maintain the identity of Malaysian architecture, which consist of multi-racial environment, that is borrowed from the cuhural tradition - including arts and crafts, music, lifestyle, architecture, technology and etc. as the major characteristic of the design. It is meant to educate fixture generation, a warning for not to ignore the cultural heritage and an idea for ftiture architectural development. Most of all the project is about creating sensitivity between man, his culture and his environment. Awareness towards the uniqueness of our own culture or the culture we shared can be proudly celebrated in a sensitive vehicle which is Cultural Shopping Center. This Culture Shopping Center is a place where varietv kind of culture will be sell and exhibit, like multi-racial group living in one country In the past and still is , the intention of exposing and celebrating cultural heritage was accommodate in the museums and galleries; however, the message is not successftilly delivered Therefore, by celebrating and selling culture in a place called shopping center hopefully will attract visitors from local and also foreign countries. The cultural heritage of Malaysian people can bring joy to the future local generation; moreover, a meaningful knowledge and unforgetful memory to foreign visitors for them to sell to the world.

Architecture, Shopping centers -- Design., Regionalism in architecture., Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)