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Nowhere Now/Depositions is a collection of poetry and poetry translations that is largely influenced by experiences in the Southwest as a part of its ecology, by weaving personal histories with the histories of the region, and translations from the Quebecois poetry collection Depositions, by Pierre Ouellet. As a whole, Nowhere Now/Depositions is looking more closely at regions of the US Southwest and Canada, and the location points of what Gloria Anzaldúa calls La facultad, and Yusef Komunyakaa describes as a crossroads, that is, the straddling point of a speaker residing within two worlds. Rather than focusing on divisions, the poems focus on community and points of intersection, myths and landmarks, exploring the gathering places: intersections between people and other members of our larger ecology within these location points, how we intersect there, interact, and adapt. As both titles suggest, Nowhere Now and Depositions are looking for evidence, of places or location that might bring forth memory and history, and both are concerned with the intersection between personal and environmental harm, and scientific and objective approaches to understanding alongside personal ones.

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Southwest, Poetry, Quebecois, Translation