Analysis and design of 3 stage voltage rectifier multiplier and 2 stage multi-phase voltage doubler for and energy harvesting system



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The reliability and the efficiency of the wireless link between the TX/RX for wireless sensors devices depends on the environmental conditions such as change in the physical distance or changes in the orientation between transmitter and receiver. So the need arises to monitor and the ability to adjust the wireless link between TX/RX without interrupting the operation of the wireless sensor. Also the ambient wireless energy can also be harvested to power the wireless sensor circuitry. We propose an N-Stage Voltage Multiplier/Rectifier built in AMI06 process using a Schottky diode to convert the ambient RF Energy into DC voltage which can be measured to evaluate the strength of the Wireless link. The proposed system can be used to monitoring and vary the wireless link parameters such as the resonant matching condition between TX/RX antenna coil and physical alignment without interrupting the operation of the wireless sensor. Also the DC energy harvested can be boosted further by our proposed multiphase charge pump to a higher DC Level which can be used by the wireless sensor circuitry. The DC power harvested can also be used alongside the on board battery which will lead to increase in battery efficiency. The voltage multiplier/rectifier and charge pump involving the power stage and the feedback circuitry can be built on the same die as the wireless sensor circuitry which can lead to less bulky system.



3 Stage voltage multiplier, Bulk modulation of negative metal oxide semiconductor (NMOS) Diode, Energy harvesting, Link monitoring, Multiphase charge pump, Multi phase voltage doubler, Charge pump, Positive-channel metal oxide semiconductor (PMOS) Capacitor, Folded cascode operational amplifier (OPAMP), Folded triple cascode operational amplifier (OPAMP), Ring oscillator, Wideband Ring voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) using adaptive load control