Texas Senate Bill 18: A Collective Case Study Concerning State Free Speech and Expression Law

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The purpose of this dissertation proposal was to understand the thoughts and feelings of members of a Texas university community regarding free speech and expression on campus. This subject matter was bore out of a 2019 passage in the Texas State Legislature of Senate Bill 18, which expanded the allowances of free speech and expression on Texas public institutions of higher education. Generated from a conceptual framework guided by Ripley’s (1997) General Policy Model, research questions for the qualitative study included how participants describe the culture of free speech and expression prior to Senate Bill 18, what changes have resulted since the implementation of Senate Bill 18, and how do participants describe the role of legislators in mandating specific regulations that exceed what is prescribed in the U.S. Supreme Court. The qualitative study consisted of interviews featuring members of the study institution who were staff and students.

Free speech, Government, Administration, Law, Public, Policies, Campus, Expression, Senate Bill 18