Numerical evaluations of membrane poration by shockwave induced multiple nanobubble collapse in presence of electric fields for transport through cells

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Synergistic applications of an electric field combined with nanojet-based mechanical pressure, have recently been shown to help create larger pores and provide control of the aspect ratio in biological membranes. The nanojets are formed by the collapse of nanobubbles in the vicinity of biomembranes upon being subjected to external shockwaves. Here we analyze the effects produced by the collapse of multiple nanobubbles in the presence of an electric field. Our simulations, based on molecular dynamics, show that not only would multiple nanobubbles make it possible to create larger pores, but also increase the pore density on the surface of biological cells. Both aspects could aid in the transport of drugs and genes for bio-medical applications.

Copyright 2019, Hu, Zhang, & Joshi. This article is distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) License.
Molecular Dynamics, Electric Fields, Shock Waves, Electroporation, Cell Membranes, Sonoporation, Lipid Bilayer
Q. Hu, L. Zhang, and R. P. Joshi, "Simulation of Poration by Shockwave Induced Multiple Nanobubble Collapse in Cell Membranes," AIP Advances 9, 045006 (2019).