Lubbock County Juvenile Detention Center



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THESIS STATEMENT Juveniles and their behavior can be modified by the environment In which they are re-soclallzed. By using aspects of architecture, such as materials, textures, patterns, colors and die design of spaces, die behavior of the individuals widiin the facility can be modified to benefit both die individual and society. Therefore, architects must design spaces and create environments that will encourage Individuals to change dieir behavioral patterns. SCOPE OF PROJECT The main goal of this project will be to create and manipulate an architecture diat will Infiuence die behavior of die individuals tiiat occupy i t The vehicle chosen for this diesis proposal is a 120 bed juvenile detention facility for Lubbock, Texas. This facility will be a minimum security detention center, which will allow the juveniles, who have committed less severe crimes dian others, to be rehabilitated and not casted away, to re-enter society and hopefully not return to diis facility. The center will include juvenile housing, a medical unit, educational LUBBOCK COUNTY JUVENILE DETENTION CENTER units, counseling, outdoor recreation, and administration, social workers offices and a probation unit CONTEXT STATEMENT There are two sites which are being evaluated for this thesis proposal. The two sites for tills diesis proposal are located on die east side of Lubbock, Texas. Bodi sites have residential subdivisions lx>rdering the northern edge. The first site Is located on die eastern border of Mackenzie State Park, between Cornell Street and die eastern property line of the state park. There are two schools in the general vicinity of die site. Site number two is located to the soutii of East Nineteendi Street and to die East of Loop 289. Located adjacent to tills site Is one of Lubbocks' city parks. Also a new MHMR facility Is currendy under construction on tiie eastern part of the site. Either site will be more conducive to societal involvement through family visitation, education programs and community programs. Relntroduction into society will be made easier through these Involvement's.



Architecture, Juvenile detention homes -- Design, Lubbock (Tex.)