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Dickerson, Darby

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The most important resource any law school has is its people. Most times, you hear about the faculty, students, and top administrators. But rarely do we talk about and praise our other staff-the hourly employees.

Without hourly employees, most law schools would cease to function. Our staff members are the people who make the law school run. Displaying leadership and appreciation in these ranks is just as important as it is with the faculty, students, senior administrators, and external constituencies.

Gallup research has identified 12 factors that are highly correlated with a strong, vibrant work force, and these findings support what most know instinctively—that communication and recognition are important to building and maintaining a strong work environment.

This essay explains Stetson University School of Law’s initial efforts to improve its system of employee communication and recognition and some newer initiatives that are in their infancy. The programs are divided into two categories—communication and events, and awards and recognition. After discussing these two categories, this essay then explains how one department in particular excels because of outstanding communication and regular staff recognition.



staff, work ethics, improving communication, recognition of staff, work environment


Darby Dickerson, Staff Matters, 35 U. Tol. L. Rev. 199 (2003-2004).