A community center for Jefferson, Texas



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Regionalism ís the most appropriate way to design for an area that is deeply rooted in and dependant upon Its history. This Is true because it is an architecture that ís sensitive to the climate, uses indígenous materials and buílding techniques, alludes to the architecture of the area and ís generally buílt at a comfortable scale. The small town of Jefferson, Texas ís an example of one such city. This town is very dependant on its hístory and uniqueness to draw in tourists and businesses who are seekíng such an environment. Located deep ín the heart of the East Texas big thicket, Jefferson ís a very scenic town as well. The town is small, but is booming as the place to vislt íf one wants to see historic architecture or visit the many available antique shops. As a whole the town has no place in the heart or wíthín proxímity of the historic district to hold organized meetlngs for citízens, businesses and organizations of Jefferson as well as vislting organizatíons. Thus a meetíng hall - community center of approximately 45,000 approximately 45,000 sq.ft. would be a great addition to the area. Currently the river front Is undeveloped and would be an ideal setting for this type of facility. By using the principles of Regionalism a facility to accent the historic settíng can be created.



Community centers, Public buildings, Jefferson (Tex.)