The Effectiveness of Ultrasound Biofeedback Therapy in Children With Repaired Cleft Palate



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The purpose of this study was to investigate the effectiveness of ultrasound biofeedback therapy in children with repaired cleft palate. Two children with repaired cleft of the secondary palate participated in this study. The two participants presented with articulation errors of varying severity. Non-developmental phonological processes were present in both participants. Non-developmental processes observed included: backing, glottal replacement, initial consonant deletion, and nasalization of sounds. A modified time-series design was chosen to evaluate therapy outcomes resulting from the use of ultrasound technology as a visual feedback mechanism to increase the correct production of /r/ and /d/ phonemes at word level. Results indicate that ultrasound biofeedback therapy may be beneficial depending on the severity of the articulation disorder, the child’s attention level, and the child’s learning style.



cleft palate, ultrasound therapy, speech therapy, articulation, compensatory articulations