"To Pay or Not to Pay" Is Less of an Option for Texas Support Obligors Under the New Involuntary Wage Assignment Provisions

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Texas Tech Law Review

Provides an in-depth discussion and analysis of the new Texas Constitutional amendment to section 14.091(p) and (q) of the Texas Family Code. This amendment provides for involuntary wage assignment to provide a nonpunitive means of enforcing and collecting child support obligations. This provision will provide Texas support enforcement officers an effective tool to enforce support obligations. The provision also demonstrates that the primary focus of support enforcement is on the parent’s duty to support their children. A major goal of the legislation is to shift the burden of providing child support from the state’s taxpayers to the absent parent.

Child support, Involuntary assignment of earnings, Wage garnishment, Constitutional amendment, Texas Family Code, Judgment debt, Contempt of order, Texas Constitution article XVI
15 Tex. Tech L. Rev. 1003