Modeling flexible multibody systems-fluid interaction



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Texas Tech University


Modeling the dynamics of a structure interacting with a fluid having a free surface is addressed. In the context of this work a structure means either a single rigid container or a rigid container coupled to a complex multibody system where each body is either rigid or flexible. The main objective of this work is to take into account the nonlinearities inherent in the dynamics of the structure and the nonlinearities due to the field and boundary conditions for the fluid model.

The end result of the methodology presented herein is a set of implicit first-order differential equations for the motion of both the structure and the fluid. Emphasis is placed on the point that the motion of the structure is not prescribed but is found as part of the solution procedure. Although the set of coupled equations for the fluidstructure system is implicit, it can be put into explicit form after discretizing the fluid phase and solving for the instantaneous interaction pressure. Several numerical integration procedures can be implemented.



Sloshing, Structural control, Fluid dynamics, Flexible structures, Fluid-structure interaction