A high-speed, high-resolution sigma-delta modulator analog-to-digital converter



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Texas Tech University


Sigma-delta modulators provide the means for achieving high-resolution analog-to- digital conversion. The main limitation faced in the high-resolution Sigma-Delta approach is conversion speed. A multi-stage multi-bit sigma-delta modulator with interstage gain scaling is proposed in this study, and it is designed and implemented in a 0.6 ìm CMOS process. This topology employs a second-order single-bit modulator in the main stage followed by an 8-bit quantizer in pipeline structure. The second stage of the modulator consists of a first-order single-bit modulator followed by a 5-bit quantizer. A gain stage is inserted between the two stages to scale the signal level to within the reference level.

System and circuit level simulations have demonstrated that the proposed modulator is capable of achieving high speed and high resolution in analog-to-digital conversion. The detailed design considerations in circuit implementation of the proposed modulator are also analyzed and discussed. The prototype is fabricated in a 0.6 ìm CMOS process with 3.3V power supply. Experimental measurement of the prototype is performed. Several factors limiting the performance are discussed.



Signal processing -- Digital techniques, Metal oxide semiconductors, Digital integrated circuits, Analog-to-digital converters, Transistor-transistor logic circuits, Complementary