Yield and quality responses of corn silage genotypes under reduced irrigation in the Texas High Plains



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Two main options exist for producers to optimize the production of corn silage in limited-irrigation systems. First, they can utilize best management practices to make optimum use of inputs. Secondly, they can select hybrids that will maximize production from limited inputs. The intent of this study was to explore both options by characterizing the effects of moisture stress on silage corn and by comparing relative performance of a diverse group of silage corn hybrids. The overall objective of this study was to determine genotype effects of 20 silage corn hybrids and the effects of environmental stress on silage corn yield and quality. Environmental stress was considered to be primarily caused by the deficit of moisture inputs to crop demand. To adequately accomplish this objective, four sub-objectives were created.



Corn, Deficit irrigation, Texas, High Plains, Corn silage, Corn yields