Identifying Teacher Retention Factors through Campus Comparisons

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Teacher retention is an increasingly critical issue facing the education system. Over the next few years, there will be an increase in the demand for teachers as enrollment continues to rise in Texas and as more teachers become eligible for retirement. Studies show that teachers who feel successful or feel they are making an impact are more likely to remain in teaching than those who feel ineffective. If teachers believe their hard work is not impactful, they can be dissuaded from staying in what they determine to be an unfulfilling job. The study focused on determining characteristics of teachers who are likely to return to their campus at the end of a school year, indecisive about returning, and likely not to return. Through various qualitative data collections, the researcher collected insight on teacher perceptions and opinions on various factors that impacted their job. By collecting data from two campuses with different retention rates, the researcher was able to identify three specific themes, including Teacher Compensation and Career Opportunities, Teacher Workload and Support, and Student Behavior. The goal of the study is to provide additional information on how campuses and districts can work towards reducing teacher turnover rates by increasing targeted and intentional support for teachers and by analyzing teacher data for specific characteristics.

teacher retention, instructional leadership, teacher effectiveness