Sources and Analysis of Rising Unit Costs of Producing Cotton on the Texas Southern Plains

Bednarz, Marcus S.
Ethridge, Don E.
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Agriculture Consortium of Texas

The cost of producing a pound of cotton on the High Plains of Texas has been rising faster than in other regions of the U.S. These rising costs may occur from two basic forces-yields and/or rising input use and/ or costs. This study analyzed these factors for both irrigated and dryland cotton and estimated how much of the increase in cost per pound has been due to each of these factors. It was found that during the 1977-1987 study period, yield declines have been responsible for more of the per pound cost increases in the Southern High Plains than have the input costs per acre.

Cotton, costs, yields, Texas High Plains.
Bednarz, M.S., D. Ethridge. "Agriculture Consortium of Texas." _Texas Journal of Agriculture and Natural Resources_ 4( 1990):17-19.