Modeling of Rock Failure under PDC cutter based on lab experiments



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In the petroleum industry, drilling is one of the most important aspects due to the economics. Drilling time reduction is encouraged to minimize the cost of operations. This is the reason, choice of drilling bits become critical to maximize rate of penetration and minimize tripping time. Specific energy is being used as a new trending tool to optimize drilling process due to its sensitivity to all the basic parameters of drilling process. It can be utilized to help us know bit balling, bottom hole balling, excessive vibrations and bit dulling. Due to a better understanding of the downhole conditions and a proactive approach to correct any inefficient parameters, it is encouraged to use specific energy as drilling process efficiency indicator on the rig site. In this study, laboratory drilling test has been carried out on the Carthage Marble and Crab Orchard at different confining pressures. Specific Energy variation at different pressures has been analyzed. It is concluded that as the pressure increases, specific energy increases and as the depth of cut increases, specific energy decreases.



Mechanical specific energy