A regional police academy for Lubbock, Texas


Architecture should be more than a structure functionally ideal for a specific activity. Architecture is a subtle influence in the lives of most every individual and is an ideal basis for expression of ideas and emotions. Many architects today are designing structures which follow their particular "style", which seems to be no more than a architectural vocabulary applied to a wide range of projects . I believe that each architectural project is unique, with its own set of influences and needs, requiring its own architectural identity. Therefor; I believe that stylistic architecture is an architectural convenience and a cop-out. The process of design is part of an economic function; however, it is up to the architect to ingrain a non monetary value into the architecture and not le.t construction technology or economy narrow his creative endeavor. The credibility of the architectural profession is slipping due to architecture which ignores the functional aspects of the structure; therefor, there is a demand for creative solutions. I believe architecture should serve, stimulate, and integrate human beings with their environments. The manner that architecture successfully does these things is primarily dependent upon the interpretation of the users responses to a designed environment by the architect. The gap between the architect's prediction and the resulting condition is dependent upon the knowledge of the architect and his/her ability to relate to the users values. The creation of most architecture is based on an intuitive design process which stems from the architects experience and biases but rarely stems from a formal body of knowledge.