Breeding Love: How a Dehydrating Food Plant in Lubbock, TX Went on to Feed Millions

Bojórquez, Siria
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Few people are aware of Breedlove Foods Inc. This thesis will help shed light on the importance and impact of this food dehydrating plant in Lubbock, Texas. It demonstrates through research in documents and interviews how Breedlove has provided international food relief aid to over eighty countries and, in the process, worked to introduce a piece of legislation that passed successfully through the United States Congress. This legislation provides Breedlove and other organizations with the ability to help under- and malnourished individuals both in the United States and abroad. With this information, readers will be able to discover the difference that an idea can make and they will see the process by which Breedlove was able to open the door to providing the food they produce to those who need it around the world. It also provides an example of how a local organization can leverage political influence to improve its ability to provide foreign aid.