Compact Spinning Effect on Cotton Yarn Quality Interactions with Fiber Characteristics




Ethridge, Dean
Krifa, Mourad

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Sage Publications


Compact or condensed spinning technology is widely considered as the new benchmark for staple yarn quality. The enhanced structure of compact yarn typically results in a lower hairiness and improved mechanical properties. The present study examines these two key benefits of compact technology when applied to short-to-medium staple cotton. The main focus is on interaction effects involving various raw fiber properties rather than on the overall effects. The results show that, with some combinations of fiber characteristics, using the compact technology does not lead to significant hairiness reduction. However, yam tensile properties (strength and elongation values) do not appear to be directly affected by these interactions.



Yarn Length, Hair Length Distribution, Yarn hairiness, Compact Spinning, Cotton Fiber Properties, Cotton Yarn


Mourad, K., D. Ethridge. "Compact Spinning Effect on Cotton Yearn Quality Interactions with Fiber Characteristics" _Textile Research Journal_ 76.5 (2006):388-399.