Fuzzy logic control system



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A software package devoted to the support of the design of fuzzy controllers has been developed. The set of tools contained in this package allow the tuning and the validation of the fuzzy control models, which are often used to control nonlinear processes. The incorporation of fuzzy measures and reasoning algorithms in our software is based on self-organizing fuzzy logic control (SOFLC) techniques and our new methods that tune the control region and membership scalar factor automatically. Many tests have been carried out in order to improve the reliability of this software package. The design environment provided by this package is user-friendly. The user programmed physical models, fuzzy membership functions and rule bases can be used and modified on-line or off-line. Much attention has been paid to the flexibility and applicability of this software package, so in this thesis, a broad but necessary theoretical development is presented in reasonable depth. Many examples and figures are contained in the thesis in order to explain the fuzzy set theory and system principles more clearly. The architecture and usage of the software are illustrated in detail. The control of an inverted pendulum system that is a classical nonlinear control problem is investigated using our fuzzy control system software package. The resulting graphs show the performance of the fuzzy controller and also the package's capability in designing fuzzy controllers.



Fuzzy systems, Nonlinear control theory