Human interaction with nature through architecture



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Thesis Statement Human interaction with nature increases when the distinction between built environment and natural environment becomes less apparent. Scope of Project This facility will be a county public library. It will have a managing librarian with two assistants and about five staff librarians. The library will offer a range of programs and services, including a large children's program, genealogy research services, literacy classes, and computer use classes. The library is the information distributing center of the community and plays varied roles in the education of its citizens. Context Statement The library will be located in Andrews, Texas. Andrews is in West Texas, near the Texas-New Mexico border. The facility will accommodate the needs of a town of 10,000 people and a county of 14,000. The library will be located adjacent to the city park, near the civic center of the town. Andrews is a small town rich in history. Its people are proud of their community and their pioneer background.



Architecture, Library buildings -- Design and construction., Library architecture.