Library Support for Distance Learners: What Faculty Think




Hufford, Jon R.

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Haworth Press


In the spring 2001, Texas Tech University Library surveyed Texas Tech faculty who taught distance learning courses. This article reports the findings of the survey. Implicit in the article is the belief that a clear understanding of the needs and expectations of distance learning faculty serves as a foundation on which librarians can build a program of support for their institution’s distance learning courses. This clear understanding may also serve as the basis for motivating librarians to establish better strategies for educating faculty on how libraries and librarians can help them improve their distance learning courses. Unfortunately, what a university’s teaching faculty thinks about library support for their distance learning courses is not always clearly understood. This limited understanding is to a significant extent due to the fact that there are no published materials available in the professional literature that document studies such as the one discussed in this article. More of these surveys need to be done and their findings published so that librarians who are responsible for their library’s distance learning support can easily acquire the information they will need to make their decisions.



Distance learning, Academic libraries, Relations with faculty and curriculum


Hufford, J. R. (2004). Library Support for Distance Learners: What Faculty Think. Journal of Library & Information Services in Distance Learning, 1(3).