Another tale in the depot district: The development process for shame on me



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SHAME ON ME is a full-length play about an aspiring writer who works as a barback in Lubbock's Depot District. His less-than-ideal job not only fuels his insecurities, but, ultimately, leads him to confuse fiction with reality. When the characters in his stories come to life, they challenge the author’s naïve idealism, making him question whether he can accept people for who they are -- even if they aren't real. The play touches upon themes of coming of age and regret. The author attempts to create characters who are perfect in his image. For this written thesis, I will discuss the play’s origins, development process, and a self-reflection about the experience. SHAME ON ME reminds audience members that everyone has a story to tell. Sometimes, however, they are afraid to live and tell it. Ryan is afraid to live his story and the fictional characters of the Lost Pick know that.



Theatre, Playwriting, Drama, Coming of age, Regret