Principal supervisors-finding the right balance of responsibility: A phenomenological study



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The role of “principal supervisor” is in the midst of a national transition. For many years, principal supervisors were district-level administrators, fundamentally (and almost solely) tasked with ensuring that schools met all local, state, and federal regulations (Council of Chief State School Officers, 2015). As the research on the impact of effective campus principals has widened, the role of principal supervisors quickly began to evolve. In 2015, the Council of Chief State School Officers released the first set of principal supervisor standards, which redefined the role as one of principal coach. Though six years have passed since the standards were released, many supervisors find themselves with the expectation to complete both roles: full-time central office administrator and full-time campus-based principal coach. This research intends to study the principal supervisor’s perspective of the balance of responsibilities needed to fulfill both central office obligations and provide critical instructional leadership support for principals at the campus level. The research will help districts define and create enabling conditions to allow principal supervisors to maximize their impact.

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