Weighing in on the future of fat feminism



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This project considers depictions of fat women’s bodies in twentieth and twenty-first century American literature, with a specific focus on how fatness is imagined in the future. I analyze texts like Josefina López’s play Real Women Have Curves, Sarai Walker’s novel Dietland, and Kelly Sue DeConnick’s comic book series Bitch Planet to consider how fatness is problematized and pathologized in contemporary society. Additionally, I argue that these texts are radical in their positive depictions of fat women and depictions of fat-inclusive feminist futures. My approach is influenced by cultural studies and feminist studies in which I consider how body surveillance and visibility complicate fat women’s experiences in mainstream Western culture. Lastly, I point to a common thread in each of these texts in which fat women fantasize about their future lives and future bodies. I argue that in order to achieve a more intersectional and diverse future, fat bodies should be included in both third-wave feminism and our collective imaginations.

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Fat, Fatness, Feminism, Intersectionality, Future