Building Teacher Capacity for Prescriptive Academic Intervention through the Texas Instructional Leadership Observation and Feedback Protocol: An Action Research Study



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Each child deserves a high-quality educational experience. At the heart of accountability is equity, a desire to ensure that each child, no matter their creed or color, nationality, or language, can be molded through their time in the public school system in such a way that the chains of poverty can be broken. Examination of research on successful schools yields several focus areas for proposed interventions on the target campus. The researcher used Texas Instructional Leadership Observation & Feedback cycles to drive instructional change. Through the analysis of classroom observation notes, developed coaching plans, and anecdotal notes from feedback meetings, the researcher determined how implementing the Observation & Feedback protocol impacts the planning and delivery of prescriptive academic intervention. The researcher utilized evidence collected during classroom observations, follow- up feedback meetings, and intervention planning sessions. After carefully examining the data generated, the researcher presents findings to benefit this study’s context and other educational practitioners looking to improve instructional leadership practices concerning the implementation of Observation & Feedback cycles and the provision of prescriptive academic interventions as part of the school improvement process. Further, the researcher sought to determine the impact of these coaching and feedback cycles on teacher behaviors in accordance with the Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System (T- TESS).



Feedback, Observation, Accountability, Instructional Leadership, Effective Schools Framework, Texas, T-TESS, Principal, Texas Instructional Leadership