Non-intrusive generation of a pressure pulse propagating preferably in one direction along a metal pipeline



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Texas Tech University


The purpose of the experiment was to generate a pressure pulse, which propagates preferably in one direction. The pressure pulse is required for detection of defects in metal pipelines. A pulse propagating only in one direction makes locating the defects simpler. It also makes the generator more effective.

The pressure pulse is generated by a traveling electromagnetic pulse on a lumped element delay line. The magnetic component of the traveling wave generates a pressure pulse, which propagates preferably in the same direction as the electromagnetic pulse. An electrostatic detector detects the pressure pulse traveling though the pipe. Both the generator and detector are not in direct mechanical contact with the pipe.

The experiment has been conducted successfully and the results of the experiment are presented. An enhancement of 4:1 of the pulse in the preferred direction to that in the undesired direction is obtained. The damping of the traveling pulse has been measured and is close to -0.19dB/m.



Electromagnetism, Magnetic induction