Architecture and systems theory: An architectural facility in Lubbock, Texas



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Mankind has always fueled innovation. Inventions have come about when the need for necessity has increased. These inventions and our growing need for such necessities which have become luxuries has changed the face of the planet. The impact has isolated us from the natural organic wortd has caused more damage than good. We as a whole must take account of our actions that have lead to the destruction of natural resources and be aware of every little action we do may have a greater effect on something else. The world is an organic system that is continually becoming less and less hospitable to life with the advent of technology. Even though, technology has brought us inventions of conserving wortd resources the overall consensus is that these inventions are too expensive and have no warrant for use. "We know that the physical world on the whole, is running down; it is approaching the state of ultimate disorganization. This is expressed by one of the most fundamental of all laws of nature, the so-called Second Law of Thermodynamics. It states that a quantity termed "entropy" can only increase in time in any isolated system. Now, entropy, or its negative, is a measure of the energy available to the system in virtue of the way its components are organized. For example, a house with a full tank of heating and oil and good supply of electricity is so organized that it has energy available to heat an light itself and operate a number of electrical appliances. But the heating oil (as well as electricity stored in the battehes) can be exhausted, and in time the house will grow cold and dark. ... And a house coupled with the earth-sun system is a very vast system, with tremendous reserves for energies. But all such systems run down eventually, however long it may take. "^ Man must take advantage of these new technologies and create housing and commerce more organic in design to connect to the natural environment. This will allow these new facilities to become more organic in nature and have more reserves for energy. The ability for these facilities to adapt and sustain will help heal the planet. Man has become isolated from the wortd around them and has isolated himself from other men. Man has grown accustomed to living isolated in a world that has a fear of overpopulation. Computers and Televisions have allowed people to become aliens to their own surroundings. In essence each household has become specialized to it's own lifestyle. This mode of thinking must be reevaluated and changed. Specialization has earned itself into the workforce. Two people of similar disciplines can be so specialized in their own fields that any communication between these individuals is not easily understood. Earners such as these should be elevated to induce communication between disciplines and allow the interaction and exchange of knowledge. "There is one difficulty with specialization, however. This is a tendency of patters of knowledge to create closed bubbles in their own right." ^ Man must recreate links to other people to induce communication and collaboration. This in itself will create new opportunities for social and physical well being. Man must reaffirm the saying that "no man is an island", and is part of a system of individuals. " If you know some things very thoroughly, you cannot know very many different kinds of things, chances are you do not know them thoroughly. But individual people can work in teams, and what one knows can be complemented by the knowledge of others. Hence knowledge can proceed in depth without thereby losing breadth. This is the ideal specialization, and it has led to the great advances in sciences and technologies that now affect the lives of us all."^ In recent times the wortd has unleashed a wide barrage of natural disasters to the civilized wortd. It has left destruction and death in it's wake. Global warming has caused temperatures in oceans to nse causing outbreaks of algae and other atrocities that have had effects on living creatures. These events cannot be categonzed as mere coincidences of the effects of human to the planet but must be researched in the form of systems. These natural disasters have caused much damage to housing, commerce and lifestyles. These disasters have left an opportunity for implementation of new design and belief of architecture to become more organic and relate more to the environment. Architects must take advantage of these disasters and make society aware of new technologies that will help in the healing of the earth. Granted architecture itself cannot change the thinking of society as a whole but it is a start in the opportunity of change. Thesis: System Theory As the wortd is neanng the birth of a new millennium people must evaluate their role in the synergistic whole of the earth. The earth has given us insight into the wrath that it is able to unleash if we do not make changes to heal the earth's climate. The goal of this project is to take an existing building and redesign it in a way to make it useful, flexible and educational. This theory will direct the project of an architectural office. Facility Type: An architectural office An office that will employ architects, engineers, interior designers, landscape architects and contractors to design the complete architecture of a project. Scope: There are three ways in which the facility will conduct itself.

  1. It will enable the different disciplines to design projects more seamlessly.
  2. It will motivate the renovation of existing structures by utilizing an open design scheme and creating a building capable of the flexibility of use.
  3. It will have areas in which to educate the community technologies that will help to heal the climate. Context: The site is located in Lubbock, Texas' Depot District. This location is in the newest addition to the community. This site has been selected for three distinct reasons.
  4. It is located in the newest addition of businesses that include a wide range of businesses.
  5. It takes advantage of an existing stnjcture capable of renovation.
  6. This area constantly promotes events that allows new potential customers to view the companies in the deport district.



Architecture, System theory, Lubbock (Tex.)