Farmers' Expectations in the Production of the Transgenic Bt Cotton: Results From a Preliminary Survey in South Carolina




Curtis, Charles
Hammig, Michael D.
Greene, Jeremy K.
Rejesus, Roderick M.

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Potential savings associated with reduced chemical insecticide application was the main factor considered by South Carolina farmers in their decision to adopt Bt cotton technology. Farmers surveyed expect no change in management practices used in planting Bt cotton, except for insect control practices. They do not expect to apply any pyrethroids for Bt cotton, although they anticipate spraying methyl parathion at least once. Most farmers expect to have the same yield and to receive the same price for Bt cotton as compared to non-Bt cotton. Both the farmers’ yield and insect control expectations must be satisfied if they are to plant Bt cotton next season. In general, the farmers were satisfied with the performance of Bt cotton up to the time of the survey, although concerns about its efficacy and pricing structure were expressed.