Supervisor/subordinate disconnect: An analysis of URT organizational research regarding employee information acquisition



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The current literature related to Uncertainty Reduction Theory provides accurate insight in understanding motivation to seek information, for employees within organizations. In discovering how to create a more accurate and available communication medium, organizations will benefit considerably in a number of areas. Previous studies have provided a framework to better understand the theoretical concepts related to this problem, however, research needs to be expanded in order to further our knowledge of these growing concerns in a constantly changing global organization.

By analyzing existing literature, informational and research gaps are realized, along with four critical emergent themes: Channel Selection, Employee Evaluation Feedback, Employee Expectations, and Employee Reflective Decision Making. These are four areas, in which, employee uncertainty effects performance and organizational success. Discussion related to extended research and informational gaps helps provide direction for assistance in alleviating these critical concerns within an organizational context.



Reflective thinking, Evaluation, Feedback, Channel selection