Implementation and Test Results on a Mass Spectrometer and Micromachined Preconcentrator and Gas Chromatographfor Crewed and Robotic Space Missions



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44th International Conference on Environmental Systems


Design and laboratory test results on a compact mass spectrometer (MS) and micro- electromechanical system (MEMS) preconcentrator (PC) and gas chromatograph (GC) are presented. The MS and MEMS PC and GC are the key elements in the proposed future environmental monitor, the micro-Gas Monitor (mGM). The mGM is planned to have a total mass of 6kg and consume approximately 22W of power, including pumps and all electronics. The instrument’s MS is based on an upgraded version of JPL’s quadrupole ion trap mass spectrometer used in the Vehicle Cabin Atmosphere Monitor (VCAM). The integrated MEMS PC and GC in mGM have been developed in partnership by Cbana Labs Inc. and JPL. The base characteristics of the mGM are: mass range from 1Da to 300Da; mass resolving power of 800 @ mass 140 and sensitivity at parts-per-billion level. The low instrument mass, coupled with its high analytical capabilities to analyze both the major constituents and trace organic species in the cabin atmosphere, makes mGM ideally suited for environmental monitoring in crewed space exploration vehicles.


Tucson, Arizona
J. Simcic, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, USA
S. M. Madzunkov, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, USA
R. D. Kidd, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, USA
M. Darrach, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, USA
B. Bae, Cbana Inc., USA
N. Scianmarello, California Institute of Technology, USA
The 44th International Conference on Environmental Systems was held in Tuscon, Arizona, USA on 13 July 2014 through 17 July 2014.