Predictors of career satisfaction among mental health professionals



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Although job satisfaction has been one of the most intensively studied topics in industrial and organizational psychology, there has been little research into the career satisfaction of mental health providers. This study examined factors for their impact and interactive effects on the career satisfaction of mental health professionals. The subjects were 889 professionals, randomly selected from four national mental health provider organizations. A 45-question survey, designed to obtain demographic and career satisfaction data, was returned by the participants. Factor analysis was used to extract factors of career satisfaction. Stepwise multiple regression analyzed the demographic variables as predictors of career satisfaction. An analysis of variance was utilized to assess the variation of career satisfaction across discipline, theoretical orientation, employment setting and income. The study's findings indicated significant differences in career satisfaction for employment setting and for income level. No significant differences in career satisfaction were found between psychologists and non-psychologists, nor were there any significant differences across theoretical orientations.



Mental health counselors -- Job stress -- Forecasting, Job satisfaction -- Forecasting, Mental health counselors -- United States