Multiple-station digital wireless power metering system



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Texas Tech University


This thesis describes the design of a multiple station digital wireless power metering system for industrial plants. The objective of this thesis is the design of a flexible multiple station digital wireless power metering system.

Efficient use of electrical energy and reduction of energy costs can be achieved by knowing the behavior of a plant's load. To run efficiently, industrial plant managers must know load factor, power factor, the peak and average demand of the plant among other variables. A monitoring system that provides the data necessary to calculate these parameters is useful while one that is flexible and low cost is indispensable. This project has been designed for and coordinated with the Department of Electrical Engineering Division of the Efficient Use of Electrical Energy of the Institute Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (I.T.E.S.M.) Campus Monterrey, Nuevo Leon Mexico. This thesis manifests the continuation of a thesis at I.T.E.S.M. entitled "Go-Back-N ARQ Multiple Station Digital Wireless Power Monitoring System Design" by Adrian Amoldo Pineda Davila, M.S.E.E.



Wireless communication systems, Digital communications, Electric power consumption, Electric meters