A kindergarden through grade twelve school for Mora, New Mexico


THESIS STATEME^^^ The mediation of the influence of universal civilization on architecture with elements derived indirectly fi"om the peculiarities of a particular site. THEORY STATEMENT This world civilization has been created in several practices by human beings. The two most prominent are the global forces of production and consumption, which has led to the marketable idea of universalism or sell one thing designed for everyone. The critical regionalist attitude mediates the influence of this global culture by deriving meaning from issues related to the specific or bounded context in which it is created. CONTEXT AND FACILITY STATEMENT The facility chosen as a vehicle for this thesis is a kindergarten through twelfth grade school. The reason for this is that major emphasis will be placed on the idea of each student as an individual, thus creating a continuity fi-om the overall organizing principal to the most important user. Emphasis will also be placed on community use and involvement to foster community association in education. The site is the mostly rural town of Mora, New Mexico with a population of two thousand people which is mostly Hispanic. Mora sits in exquisite grass covered valley surrounded by sharp hills covered with an assortment of evergreen and deciduous trees. Mora is thirty miles northwest of Las Vegas, NM and ninety miles north of Santa Fe, the states capitol.



Architecture, School buildings -- Design.