Deposition, diagenesis and distribution of an "Upper Silurian" dolostone reservoir, RK Devonian Field



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Texas Tech University


The RK Devonian Field was discovered in May 1975 with the completion of RK Petroleum Corporation's #1 G.T. Hall for an initial flowing potential of 455 BOPD on a 7/64" choke with a flowing tubing pressure of 1018#'s from five feet of perforations from 11,810-15' after treating with 250 gallons of acid. The well is located 660 feet from the north and west lines of Section 4, T&P RR. Co. Survey, Township 2-N, Block 37, Martin County, Texas. The field is situated in central Martin County (Fig. 1) approximately three miles north of the village of Tarzan and now includes all or parts of the following surveys and blocks: T&P RR. Survey, Township 2-N, Block 37, R.E. Montgomery Survey, Block A.



Carbonate, Rocks, Diagenesis, Stratigraphic, Geology, Sediments (Geology), Petrology