ANITA2 Trace Gas Analyser for the ISS - Flight Model Finalisation, Ground Test Results, and ANITA-X for future exploration missions



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50th International Conference on Environmental Systems


The ANITA2 (Analysing Interferometer for Ambient Air) instrument is a trace gas analyser designed to operate on-board the ISS to monitor the cabin atmosphere. ANITA2 is capable of detecting more than 30 of the most important trace gases in parallel. The advantages of an ANITA type instruments include high sensitivity, accuracy, precision and time resolution of the measurement data, as well as no consumption except electrical power and no production of waste. This makes ANITA also a stepping-stone into the future, as a precursor system for crewed stations, bases, and exploration missions, including the (Deep-Space) Gateway and to/on the Moon and Mars. During the last year, the Flight Model of ANITA2 was successfully integrated and functionally tested. At the time of writing, ANITA2 will soon enter the phase of gas calibration measurements, followed by the building of a complete calibration and an extensive test campaign, applying multi-gas mixtures. This paper presents the state of the FM as well as results of the very successful test campaign, including optical performance, vibration, audible noise, and EMC tests. In addition, an overview of ANITA-X for future exploration missions is presented. As of the current planning, ANITA2 will be ready for flight late in the summer 2021.


Michael Gisi, OHB System AG
Lukas Pfeiffer, OHB System AG
Armin Stettner, OHB System AG
Roland Seurig, OHB System AG
Markus Wahle, OHB System AG
Atle Honne, SINTEF
Kristin Kaspersen, SINTEF
Kari Bakke, SINTEF
Jens Thielemann, SINTEF
Anders Erik Liverud, SINTEF
Johannes Witt, ESA
Pierre Rebeyre, ESA
Scott Hovland, European Space Agency
Daniele Laurini, European Space Agency
Timo Stuffler, OHB System AG
ICES205: Advanced Life Support Sensor and Control Technology
The 50th International Conference on Environmental Systems was held virtually on 12 July 2021 through 14 July 2021.


Gas Analysis, Air Analysis, FTIR, Life Support in Space, ANITA, Analysing Interferometer for Ambient Air, Trace Gas Monitoring, ISS, International Space Station, Exploration, Habitat