Particle-in-cell based parameter study of 12-cavity, 12-cathode rising-sun relativistic magnetrons for improved performance



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Particle-in-cell simulations are performed to analyze the efficiency, output power and leakage currents in a 12-Cavity, 12-Cathode rising-sun magnetron with diffraction output (MDO). The central goal is to conduct a parameter study of a rising-sun magnetron that comprehensively incorporates performance enhancing features such as transparent cathodes, axial extraction, the use of endcaps, and cathode extensions. Our optimum results demonstrate peak output power of about 2.1 GW, with efficiencies of ∼70% and low leakage currents at a magnetic field of 0.45 Tesla, a 400 kV bias with a single endcap, for a range of cathode extensions between 3 and 6 centimeters.


Copyright 2015, Majzoobi, Joshi, Neuber, & Dickens. This article is distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) License.


Radiowave and Microwave Technology, Magnetron Operation, Particle-in-Cell Method, Phonon Scattering, Converters, Computer Simulation, Thermodynamic States and Processes, Electrical Properties and Parameters, Chemical Elements, Surface Collisions


A. Majzoobi, R. P. Joshi, A. Neuber, and J. Dickens, "Particle-in-Cell Based Parameter Study of 12-Cavity, 12-Cathode Rising-Sun Relativistic Magnetrons for Improved Performance," AIP Advances 5, 107102 (2015).