The relationship of digital communication methods and parent satisfaction with parent-child relationship



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The purpose of the study was to examine the relationship between the use of different digital and face-to-face communication methods and parental satisfaction with the parent-child relationship and attachment. Survey data were collected in a cross-sectional design with a total of 164 participants in the final sample. A total of two research questions and five hypotheses were explored. Most of the hypotheses were not supported, but some significant results emerged. The findings suggested that greater communication led to more positive relationship and attachment outcomes, but as the digital communication ratio increased, it had a more negative impact on attachment. Several significant variables which were related to changes in digital communication ratio were also identified. Future studies exploring the impacts of digital communication on parent-child relationships, including child’s perspectives, could provide additional information to help explain the impacts of digital communication on families.



Parent-child communication, Attachment, Technology, Digital media, Parental satisfaction