Travel: An escape to deviance? A study on college student’s religiosity and deviant behaviors while at home and while traveling.



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The purpose of this research is to examine and compare the relationship between college student’s religiosity and deviant behaviors (alcohol consumption, illegal drug use, and sexual activity) they engage in while traveling as well as within their home location. This study applies social bond theory to better understand how individuals, who are strongly bonded with society, decrease their chances of getting involved with the above deviant behaviors. Drawing from data collected on 461 online survey’s respondents at Texas Tech University, this study will highlight various types of deviant and risk taking behaviors, as well as the degree in which the respondents participate in these acts. Results indicate that as religiosity increases, the number of drinks per sitting decreases when consuming alcohol with co-workers inside their home location. Also, as religiosity increases, the likelihood that an individual will use an illegal substance while within their home location will decrease.



Deviance, Travel