Through the daughter’s eyes



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I composed Through the Daughter’s Eyes for the North Park University Orchestra and its work with the Chicago Tender Youth Foundation. Planned to be premiered in April 2021, this work is a dedication to Gianna Floyd and the memory of her father, George Floyd. The title comes from my primary source of inspiration, a news picture of Gianna’s innocent and painful eyes, which reminds me of the similar eyes of many children suffering from social conflicts and warfare in my home country and around the world. Through the Daughter’s Eyes is in quasi-sonata form with a shortened recapitulation containing only the Primary Theme and Closing Section. The late nineteenth century’s music inspires this work, and it is developed based on four main motives. Motives a and b features chromaticism and intervallic symmetry that stirs the melodies away from linear major and minor triads, symbolizing intense and anxious feelings. Motive c embraces an augmented fourth that escalates the emotional tension, representing a choked man’s painful gasps. After that, motive d resolves such tension with lyrical, tender, diatonic, melodic lines.



Chamber Orchestra, Composition