Hands on the Wheel: A Call for Greater Regulation of Semi-Autonomous Cars



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Indiana Law Journal


Explores the ways in which existing driverless car laws and policy initiatives have not adequately dealt with the risks posed by semi-autonomous cars. In particular, the focus is on the limitations of the Federal Automated Vehicles Policy (“Policy”), a document which will likely be extremely influential in the development of driverless car law at both the federal and state levels in coming years. It then advocates for a series of laws designed to fill the gap in driverless car regulation and minimize the inherent risks of semi-autonomous vehicles. Concludes by noting that, because semi-autonomous cars pose an entirely different set of safety concerns and considerations than fully autonomous ones, we should be careful to consider each type of car on its own merits rather than responding to all levels of automation with lowest common denominator policies and laws.



Autonomous cars, Driverless cars, State driverless car laws, Semi-autonomous cars, Semi-autonomous car dangers, Federal regulations, Laws and regulations recommendations, Federal Automated Vehicle Policy


93 Ind. L. J. 713